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My current zagi is still flyable, but it's in such bad shape, that every time I take it up, I just feel lousy about it. My latest plans are to build a new zagi out of blue or pink extruded poly styrene foam, which should make the wing very stiff. I will mount a throttled .061 Norvel engine on it with a 2 oz. fuel tank. I think it should really scream. In the past, I have mounted a cox .049 engine on the top of my zagi. This has been loads of fun, and has worked flawlessly (not taking into account pilot error!)

Another project that I am working on is to install a small 35mm camera in a 60" flying wing. I will base the design and planform on the zagi, but I feel that I need the extra size to be able to lift the camera to the high altitudes that I am looking for. 



Gas zagi in flight

Starting a gas Zagi


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