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High Speed Photographs 


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Making applesauce:

These photos were taken as a .22 caliber hollow point bullet tore through various fruits and vegetables. My brother, Chad, and I took these pictures in the hills near our parents home in Montana during the summer of 1999. If you ever try taking pictures like these, be sure you take along plenty of plastic to cover your gear from all of the flying fruit juices.

apple.jpg (80036 bytes)  apple2.jpg (22415 bytes)  apple3.jpg (67040 bytes)  tomato.jpg (67274 bytes)  apricot.jpg (51950 bytes)


The following photos were taken by holing the shutter open as firecrackers exploded.

  firecracker1.jpg (22061 bytes)  firecracker2.jpg (19351 bytes)


A sound trigger was used to activate the flash just as the balloon was opening up. These represent my first attempts in high speed photography.

balloon.jpg (65290 bytes)

Milk Drops:

These images were taken during Christams 2000 in Cd. Juarez Mexico. A laser pointer and photo transistor were used as a trigger system, and a simple delay circuit provided the correct timing to trigger the flash at various states during the deformation of the milk drop 

 milk9.jpg (13012 bytes)  milk10.jpg (15968 bytes)  milk2.jpg (8790 bytes)  milk5.jpg (6896 bytes)

Click here for the full milk drop gallery


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